Speak at MinneWebCon

MinneWebCon’s schedule is created from fantastic submissions from speakers around the country. The submission deadline is Friday, October 10, at 5:00 PM US Central Time.

One-hour sessions: The lion’s share of our Day One programming is made up of one hour presentations from web folks just like you. We take particular pride in having a holistic “liberal arts and sciences” approach to our web conference: we want the day to be a healthy mix of big ideas, new theories, and hands-on knowledge for an audience that includes designers, developers, writers, and other roles in creating the web.

Day One has three concurrent sessions of presentations, though they are not assigned track themes. We ask that presentation submissions fall in to one of the following areas (though there is “other” – just in case!):

  • Front-end Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other client-side development
  • Back-end Development: server side languages and frameworks, databases, CMSs
  • User Platforms: mobile devices, tablets, browsers
  • Project Planning and Management: projects, clients, and their expectations
  • User Experience: interfaces, sequences, processes
  • Design: graphic design, typography, styling
  • Content: writing, editing, managing content
  • Social: Communities, networks, platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Other (for combinations or when it just won’t fit anywhere else)

We welcome first-time session presenters – if you have an idea to share, please share it! Submit a one-hour session proposal

Half-day workshops: Day Two of MinneWebCon is divided in half with AM and PM four-hour workshops. We welcome workshops on all topics that can benefit attendees through a deep-dive into a topic. For workshops, we ask for a bit more experience on the part of the leader, and ask questions about past experience leading training or teaching. Submit a half-day workshop proposal