Lisa Welchman – 25 Years of the Web Team

It’s hard to believe that the World Wide Web just turned 25 and even harder to believe that many organizations have had a web presence for more than 20 years. How are we doing with that? Are digital professionals happy in their jobs? Are organizations happy with their digital presence? Spend some time with Lisa Welchman as she talks about what she’s seen happen with websites and web teams over the last 20 years and what she hopes will happen in the future.

Portrait: Lisa Welchman. Lisa Welchman is a global leader in digital strategy and governance, and over the last 18 years has worked with a variety of organizations, including Cornell University, Wells Fargo, and the Library of Congress, to stabilize their complex, multi-stakeholder digital operations through the definition and implementation of sound digital governance practices.

Lisa has presented at conferences around the globe on digital governance, including at the 2010 United Nations Private Sector Forum where she participated in dialogue amongst, industry leaders, CEOs and heads of state regarding how to utilize technology to accelerate the meeting of the Millennium development goals.

Her upcoming book, Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design, is due out from Rosenfeld Publishing in 2014.

Follow Lisa on Twitter: @lwelchman

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