Your CMS is the Elephant in the Room

Portrait: Jeff Abuzzahab. Jeff Abuzzahab@abuzzahab
College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota

What can a designer with a fine arts background do to overhaul software infrastructure and motivate people to design and build websites that actually work in a large institution? Actually, quite a lot. The web is a non-traditional and very important function of most organizations, taking a creative approach to working with people and technology produces fantastic results. Conversely, using standard business administration tactics for the web will fail in spectacular fashion.

Part infrastructure, part management, part design, this presentation covers tossing out the big box CMS software for user-friendly tools like Dreamweaver and WordPress. Listening to the people who actually work on the web, and delivering a single CSS framework that allows for unique designs. And because no good deed goes unpunished, it will also cover some of the surprise problems that come from building a working web environment.

No matter the size of your company, or where you sit on the org chart, you will take away important lessons on collaboration, working from the ground up, and communicating progress to people at the top to ensure continued creative freedom.


Slides: Your CMS is the Elephant in the Room


Jeff Abuzzahab is the Web and Multimedia Lead at the College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota. A designer with a fine arts background, Jeff works in the Information Technology field where he specializes in design production.

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