Whitney Hess – What’s Your Problem? Putting Purpose Back into Your Projects

What’s Your Problem? Putting Purpose Back into Your Projects

Whitney Hess: @whitneyhess

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“What do you do?” has become the standard opening line for getting to know someone. But if you were asked, “Why do you do what you do?” how would you answer? We are too narrowly focused on developing solutions for problems that we don’t understand, don’t care about, or worst of all, don’t actually exist. Life is too short to waste our time expertly creating something that matters to no one. Learn to find your “why.” Discover interviewing techniques to build greater empathy with your users, synthesizing techniques to uncover their underlying inefficiencies and frustrations, and tips to continually draw inspiration and long-term product vision from their lives.

Whitney Hess is an independent user experience design consultant based in New York City, and a strategic partner at Happy Cog. She helps make products easy and pleasurable to use, consulting with startups, major corporations, and everyone in between. She writes about user experience and technology on her blog, Pleasure and Pain.

Freelancing since 2008, Hess has also been a part of the design team at Liquidnet, an international financial software company that runs the leading electronic marketplace for wholesale stock-trading. She has an educational background that began in computer science, and resulted in a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction, both from Carnegie Mellon University.

Hess is a prolific speaker, taking part in An Event Apart, Interlink, South by Southwest, UX Israel Live, UX London, IA Summit, World Usability Day, and many more. She will be bringing a new talk and presentation to St. Paul in April, and MinneWebCon attendees will be some of the first to hear it!

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