Practical User Research

Matthew Doty: @matthewjdoty
Life Time Fitness

Portrait: Matthew Doty. As web professionals, the term “User Research” often elicits two very strong reactions. 1. Excitement at the prospect of really engaging our audiences. 2. Frustration that we never have the time or budget to do any! This presentation argues that quality user feedback is not only essential to success in the interactive space but is also within the reach of any organization, project, budget, or schedule and offers practical insight into establishing iterative user feedback into a variety of work models.

Matthew Doty has spent the better part of the last 20 years pursuing and continually refining his understanding of human behavior. Over the last decade, he’s been able to bring his fascination with behavior together with his technical savvy, business acumen and artistic leanings to create compelling interactive experiences for a broad variety of organizations ranging from smaller operations to fortune 500 companies. Doty’s passions currently center on helping organizations understand and then adopt the principles and methods of user-centered design.

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