Building HTML5 Apps for iPad & Android Tablets

Mike Bollinger@mikebollinger | Sam Kirchmeier@skirchmeier

Portrait: Sam Kirchmeier. Portrait: Mike Bollinger. Tablets are an increasingly important and ubiquitous platform, and nearly every organization is either implementing, or trying to understand, their mobile strategy. Tablets are an inspiring medium on which to build applications given their incredible computing power, screen size, and portability. Most applications built for tablets are native apps (using platform-specific code) which means development can be costly and redundant. While there always will be a place for native apps, there has been a lot of interest of late in building cross-platform applications using HTML5.

In this presentation we’ll demonstrate the capabilities of HTML5 and show when and how it can replace a native tablet app. We’ll provide high-level strategy and context and dive into the details by walking through how to build a cross-platform HTML5 app for iOS and Android.

(The presentation will be geared towards people who have a working knowledge of front-end development.)



Mike Bollinger is a designer, coder, entrepreneur, and explorer. He is founder of Livefront, a mobile software design & development firm, and co-founder of TECHdotMN, a media group covering technology news in Minnesota. Mike has been designing and building mobile and web software for 14 years with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. He is a leader in the Minnesota technology community and on the Board of Directors for two non-profit organizations: Cheerful Givers and BizLounge.

Sam Kirchmeier is a software developer, speaker, and teacher. Sam has over 10 years of experience building mobile apps for iOS and web apps with a variety of technologies like Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, and handcrafted HTML/CSS. When he’s not writing the next big iOS app at Livefront, you might find him teaching at Hennepin Technical College or out on the disc golf course practicing his technique.

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