John Moe – Broadcast Spectrum: a great big complicated physics issue that just so happens to hold the key to the future of everything

John Moe: @johnmoe

Portrait: John Moe. Spectrum is both one of the least covered stories in technology and one of the most important. John Moe, host of American Public Media’s Marketplace Tech Report, walks through some of the most pressing issues and biggest stories related to the dividing up of the broadcast spectrum, as wireless carriers, the GPS industry, the military, and the media attempt to position themselves to be heard and profit in the age of ubiquitous instant communication. Fortunately, Moe will explain all this in a way that doesn’t require a physics degree to understand.

John Moe is the host of Marketplace Tech Report (formerly Future Tense) for American Public Media, and handles web content for the program. Every day, he provides an insightful overview of the latest tech news using his witty and approachable style of reporting.

As the host of Wits, a stage and radio series of interviews and music, Moe has helped expand the concept audience participation at live events through social media. Paste Magazine ranked him at #7 in its “Best 25 Twitter Users of 2010” list, which is below Kanye West, but above Steve Martin. Moe tweets at @johnmoe.

Moe holds a bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Arts from Whitman College, but because he gained such a broad education at the small liberal arts college, he considers himself a degree-holder in the school of “Being Curious.” He has a long history in radio, formerly hosting Weekend America as well as hosting and producing programs at KUOW, the National Public Radio affiliate in Seattle. Moe has humor pieces for McSweeney’s and the New York Times Magazine, been a senior editor at, worked on projects for Microsoft, and written scripts for video games.

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